How it works

It is very easy, and we are here to help you. If you have any questions, please email or call us on (+44) 20 389 32 141

1. At the browser, choose the location, date and time to pick your car up.

Write the location at the search box: Pick up location Available locations may show up so you can choose your desired location among them. Choose the date and time you wish to pick the car up. Click on the SEARCH button.

Please, remember that Car Rental Companies don't count days as natural days, (e.g.. Mon., Tues., ...) but they count them on a 24 hours bases from the moment you pick the car up. That is, if you rent a car 5 pm on a Tuesday, one day will count up to 5 pm on Wednesday.

"Return car to the same location". If you wish to return the car in a different office, you may deselect this search box; The option "Drop off location" will show up automatically.

2. MyTripCar is the only reservation engine that allows you to check coverages, child car seats, etc.

Choose the Coverage (insurance), the Extras (Sat Nav, Child Car Seat or Additional Driver) and the Car Transmission (manual or automatic) in the filters at the top of the results screen:

Age requirements: Please remember these quotes are only to drivers aged 25 to 75. Car Rental Companies may charge a supplement to younger or older drivers.

You may choose among the following options on top of the screen:

Coverage or car's insurance

A key factor when renting a car. 50% of travellers will buy a Premium coverage at the counter when picking the car up. That is why it is so important to know the full price with the coverage included.

MyTripCar does not sell their own coverages, we just inform you on the car renting companies coverages.

  • Basic Coverage (Franchise+Deposit): Basic Coverage is compulsory included in the price, by law. It is associated with a franchise. It is usually associated to a franchise and a deposit.
  • Premium Coverage (No franchise): A Premium coverage without franchise will not block any money on your credit card (sometimes up to 1,000 euros) and the franchise (you will not have to pay any charges in case the car is damaged), with a better coverage. You will get full information at the counter when picking the car up, we only inform you on the price so you can compare all brands. 50% of travellers buy at the counter.


  • Sat Nav: Select this option if you want a Sat Nav with your car. It is more comfy if you are travelling abroad, and it is cheaper than the fares you will pay for roaming if using mobile apps such as Google Maps.
  • Child Car Seat: Select this option if you want a Child Seat with your car. It is mandatory by law to use child car seats when travelling with children. Many families choose to travel with their own child car seats to save some money.
  • Additional Driver: Car Rental Companies may charge a supplement for any additional driver, but it is compulsory that every person driving the car is registered and included in the coverage.

Car Transmission

  • Manual: Choose this option if you only wish to check availability for manual transmission cars. Otherwise, availability for manual and automatic transmission cars will be displayed.
  • Automatic: Choose this option if you only wish to check availability for automatic transmission cars.

As you choose the extras, any extras' fees will be displayed at the bars next to the icons for every car.

3. Icon caption

By moving the pointer over the icons shown to the right of the cars, a pop up will show, explaining all icons.

  • Pick-up at the terminal. Very comfy.
  • There is a free shuttle van that will pick you up at the terminal and drive you to a close office.
  • Pick-up in the city.
  • Pick-up at the train station.
  • Estimated waiting time at the queue to pick the car up. Estimated waiting time of ...
  • Pre-paid: You should pay for fuel on arrival. Refunds will be given for unused fuel.
  • Full to Full: The vehicle will be provided with a full tank and must be returned full. Otherwise, a refuelling service charge will be applied.
  • ∞ Km/Day: Unlimited free kilometres included so you have no worries during your trip.
  • 350 Km: You have 350 km included in the price. Extra kilometres will have a surcharge.
  • Will be blocked on your credit card. This amount will be unblocked when returning the car, after checking everything is OK.

4. Choose your car

Choose the car that best suits your needs, and click on the "SELECT" button.

5. Reserve your car

Write down your name, surname, phone, email and flight number (optional) in the reservation screen.

If you rent your car at the airport, we strongly recommend you to write your flight number. If the flight is delayed, car rental companies will track your flight and wait up to two hours after their normal closing time, with an additional surcharge, of course. Although it does depend on the operator. In addition, your reservation will be kept until 12:00 the next day.

At MyTripCar
We do not charge any comission for card payments.
We do not charge any extra fees.
FREE Cancellations.

Our income comes only from the commission car rental companies will pay us for each reservation. So MyTripCar is TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE for you.

6. Your reservation is completed

Please remember that "reservation" means not "renting" a car. To rent your car, you should go to the Car Rental Company's counter and pay with a credit card.

Some Car Rental Companies may allow you cash or Debit Card payments, however we strongly recommend you to contact the Car Rental Company's Office first to check it.

7. Please remember you can amend your reservation

However changing reservation data, extras or vehicle category may result in changes in your previous quote.

8. You will receive an email

With a reference number once your reservation is confirmed. You can go to the car rental company's counter with this reference number to pick your car up, and enjoy it!

Need help?

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